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I am an Associate Professor of Instruction at UT-Austin

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    23 January 2022

    by Mick McQuaid

    My desk set is a Superfund emergency site

    My desk set

    It's a little early for my annual blog post, but I took a picture of my desk with my son's iPhone, so I thought I'd share it.

    I have a very simple job as lecturer, and could probably do it with my smartphone, but I seem to collect desk accessories as the years go by. The desk itself dates from the 1950s, and the stand my camera is sitting on is a mic stand I've had since the 1970s. My previous external monitor lasted for about 15 years and still works, just not with a thunderbolt adapter for some reason.

    The macbook pro displays tmux and the screen that appears when I open tmux: four panes, one with an agenda (courtesy of gcalcli), one with a calendar (courtesy of gcal), and two with directory listings. I plan to put my config files on github someday because I have a lot of interesting plugins for tmux, vim, and bash, my most-frequently used tools.

    The external monitor has two Firefox windows side-by-side, and you may be able to see that I have the Tree Style Tab sidebar plugin. You probably can not see the Tridactyl plugin, which enables lots of keyboard shortcuts.