Welcome to the Command Line


Mick McQuaid


November 25, 2023


This is stage one of the Welcome to the command line project. This stage includes three things:

  • individual modules of command line interface (cli) instruction written in vanilla Markdown
  • a searchable Quarto wrapper around the modules (this book) for easy navigation
  • a set of Youtube videos corresponding to the modules

Stage two is called conpackverse and involves three things:

  • a GitHub organization called conpackverse to develop this set of modules further
  • a GitHub repo of the modules, allowing modules to be added or refined
  • a Python packaging of the modules to allow an instructor to choose only the modules required for a particular course.

This is a Quarto book. To learn more about Quarto books visit https://quarto.org/docs/books. For now, it’s enough to know that each chapter represents a module, except for the macSetup chapters, which are collections of modules.