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UserTesting Dot Com

Thanks to the student who pointed out that I shouldn’t ignore UserTesting.com just because it lacks a free student tier—in fact, it turns out it used to have a (limited) free student tier! That was suspended, but now it may be back. In any event, it does allow a single free test.

UserTesting Testimonials

UserTesting Guides

Supported Testing

  • Tasks
  • Five-second test
  • Verbal response
  • Written response
  • Multiple choice
  • Rating scale
  • Card sort
  • Tree test

Five second test

The five second test function will show the URL listed in the Starting URL field to your contributors for five seconds only. Afterward, we’ll ask them three questions to recall their impressions and understanding of the page. (requires Google Chrome browser)

  • What do you remember?
  • What can you do on this site?
  • Who’s this site for?

Card sorting example

Card sorting example

Tree testing with TreeJack

Tree testing input

More tree testing input

Tree testing output

More tree testing output

Still more tree testing output


… claims to be an all-in-one solution for user research …

User research according to FuelCycle

Five steps

1. Objectives

  • Identify the knowledge gaps that need to be filled
  • Identify the problems that need to be solved
  • Specify over-all research goals

2. Hypotheses

  • Identify what you understand about users
  • Speculate outcomes

3. Methods

  • Based on time and manpower, select the proper research methods
  • Identify resources needed

4. Conduct

  • Gather the research data utilizing the selected methods
  • Thoroughly and accurately record the results

5. Synthesize

  • Analyze the research outcomes and findings
  • Use the analysis to fill in the knowledge gaps, prove or disprove our hypotheses, and recommend opportunities for UX design efforts.



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