After Milestone 3

Mick McQuaid


Milestone 3 aftermath

  • Milestone 3 didn’t go exactly as I had hoped
  • I expected the four models to gradually get better
  • Step 4 was supposed to introduce the model you will use for Milestone 4
  • Instead, some groups did the machine learning step twice and ended up without a final good model
  • Those groups now have no model to use for diagnostics in Milestone 4

Milestone 3 Redo

  • I accept some responsibility, even though I thought the instructions were clear
  • The fact of multiple groups misreading them is counter evidence
  • Therefore, in this one and only one case, I’m going to allow a redo for those groups getting below a 10

Terms of Redo (1 of 2)

  • Due this Friday at 11:59PM
  • Improve your trial and error models to \(R^2\sim0.4\) so that I believe you’ve done trial and error and are not just using the first model to pop into your head
  • Refer to the visualizations in Milestone 2 to justify your trial and error models

Terms of Redo (2 of 2)

  • Use olsrr instead of leaps on step 3 (nobody used just quantitative models)
  • For step 4 create a final model manually based on what you learned from the subsets
  • Comment on your final model
  • Omit diagnostic plots (they are for m4)



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