Best Practices for Development

Mick McQuaid and Madison Russell


Best Practices for Development

  • accessibility as design principle
  • universal design
  • development cycle
  • testing
  • communicating
illustration of equality, equity, and accessibility

Design Principle

  • Accessibility is a design principle, not a feature set
  • Accessible Design as part of Universal Design
  • User Research & Design Principles
    • Requirements gathering
    • Designing and conducting inclusive user studies
    • User feedback (beta, post-launch, etc)
    • Universal design (global audience) incorporating personalization (considerations of the individual)

Development Cycle Integration

  • Leadership
  • Product Manager
  • Design & Research
  • Engineering & implementation
  • QA (quality assurance)
software development cycle

Validation and user testing

(i.e., testing in screen readers & zoom)

Communication out

(i.e., documentation, marketing and customer support)

Communicating up

(i.e., ROI, impact analysis)


  • Examples from companies/work groups on how they’ve integrated accessibility into their processes
  • Empathy exercise around a challenging interaction



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